Welcome to the Aladaglar Mountain Hostel!


We are located at 1450 m above sea level, and have 10 beds to host you, making it the smallest and highest hostel in Turkey.  It is a perfect starting point for a wide variaty of activities and tours such as hiking, rock climbing, mountaineering, trail running and many more. With over 2,5 hectares  of land and more than 200 fruit trees, it is an ideal location to leave the city lifestyle and daily stress behind you. Interested in enjoying the serenity of the outdoors, and the beauty of the surronding landscapes, then this is the place to come!


The name “Ala-Daglar” (Crimson-Mountains) comes from the rusty colour of its hills in the sunset. The densest collection of mountains above 3000 metres is right here in the Central Taurus. Nearby is the Aladaglar Mountain Range, a national park since 1995, and an ideal training terrain. Every year in August the Aladaglar Sky Trail event takes place here, bringing hundreds of runners up to these mountains.

live and discover something new!